Buying Info Week of 1/4/2014

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Christmas debts currently have many of us bogged down.  May I suggest selling some of you gently used items to us at Here We Grow.  While we aren’t currently buying everything there are several things on our list of wants right now. You probably have some of them at home collecting dust! Here is a list of the things we are looking for right now along with some tips on how to make the most for your items.

Baby Equipment













Baby equipment is always a big seller for us.

Popular items include:

High Chairs

Pack N Plays


Car Seats ( Especially Toddler Seats )

Travel Systems


Crib Mattresses

Toddler Beds






Want to know how to get the most from these items?

Clean! Clean! Clean!

Simply remove any fabric and launder it and wipe down all plastic pieces.  Also include any required batteries.  Please note that we are unable to accept any items with signs of mold.

If your items are clean you will get full value for them.  If they are not we may need to reduce our offer by up to 50% to make up for the time we will spend getting the items ready to sell.

Some other things to remember:

Google your items and check for recalls.  We can’t purchase anything that has been recalled and we don’t want you to have to unnecessarily drag it in.

Car seats must be less than 5 years old, you should be the original owner and the car can never have been involved in an accident.  Stickers are usually located on the bottom or side of your seat with the manufacture date.

It is against the law to resell cribs manufactured before June 2011 therefore we won’t purchase them.  You should be able to find a sticker on the frame of your crib with the manufacture date.

We will require you to reassemble any items that have been taken apart for transport.  It’s a real bummer when we start assembling and discover we are missing 1 hard to find bolt or screw.

Snow Gear
















With winter weather headed our way we are looking for items to keep our little customers warm.

We are currently looking for snow bibs, snow pants, snow suits, heavy coats and snow boots for size 2T and up. Right now we have plenty of infant snowsuits therefore we aren’t looking for them.

***Please remember to wash coats and snowsuits before you bring them in. If items haven’t been laundered we will have to turn them away.

NFL Jerseys











The Superbowl is upon us! If your child has a NFL jersey for their team that they can no longer wear we would love to make you an offer.  We are looking for NFL apparel size infant to boys 20.

Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day Apparel














Have a cute outfit or t-shirt from last year? Bring it in. No point in keeping it in the closet if you little sweetheart or lucky leprechaun can no longer wear it.

Please remember that items must be washed and free from stains.

Disney Princess Costumes







Did you know that Disney on Ice hits the stage in Charleston WV on February 19th -22nd? If you have some Disney princess costumes that your princess can no longer wear let us add them to our collection!  Please remember that costumes still need to be clean and free from holes, stains or tears.

Buying Schedule


Bring the items listed above in anytime this Friday January 9th or Saturday the 10th between 10am and 2pm and we will make you an offer with no appointment necessary.

*Please note that wait times may vary depending on the number of sellers ahead of you.  We will take drop off’s when we are unable to process items in a reasonable time.  We cannot guarantee same day offer’s.

How does it work?


Bring in the items listed during our buying times.  We will have you fill out some paperwork.  Please note we pay by check or store credit.  You will receive a 20% bonus added to your offer if you choose store credit.  We buy our inventory outright meaning you will receive payment when your offer is made.  No need to wait for your items to sell.  We will enter any items that we would like to purchase from you into our computerized system and return any no thank you items.  We will generate a bulk offer for all of the items that we would like to purchase.  Please note that items cannot be removed once the offer is made so please make sure to only include items that you really want to sell.  If you choose to accept our offer you will receive a check or store credit the same day your offer is made.

Have more questions?

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